Membership with SAWPA

Membership of SAWPA

Funding / Membership

The Association is funded solely by members

• Class 1 membership fees are based on a percentage of the chemical purchases.
    Class I Membership is limited to industrial timber treatment companies and to the companies that
    manufacture and supply wood preservative chemicals to the treaters.
    Membership levies is based on 1.25 % of the purchase price of preservatives purchased by treaters,
    and for the preservative suppliers its 0.25% of total value of the chemicals sold to member treaters.
• Class 2 Membership is available to all other stakeholders involved in the treatment industry e.g. involved
    in the timber treatment industry eg merchants and retailers, utility pole inspectors and supplemental treaters,
    surface coating companies, hardware suppliers eg anti-splits plates, etc.
    The cost of Class 2 membership is a minimal fixed annual fee, subject to annual increase.
(For more information, contact SAWPA)
• Affiliate Membership
    SAWPA also gives Affiliate Membership for tertiary educational institutes, other related industry
    Associations, related industry institutions such as certification bodies, the Department of Agriculture Forestry
    and Fisheries, Utility bodies such as ESKOM and TELKOM; all who have a vested interest in the timber
    treatment industry.

Honorary membership is given to those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the treatment industry.

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